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Buffer has a growth problem and this is what they should do about it

For many years I’ve been a huge fan of the company Buffer. The story behind this incredible company is very inspiring to me and I’m sure to thousands of other entrepreneurs out there.

The most incredible aspect of this company is its cultural pillar of transparency. Everything from employees salaries, down to their churn rates, product roadmap, and cash in the bank is made public. When you first think about it it seems insane that a company would operate with this mindset but the more I think about it, the smarter it seems.

In the rest of this post I’m going to show you how I dived into Buffer’s SaaS metrics and identified a major red flag. My goal is to educate you on how you can analyze your own SaaS metrics and identify your own red flags.

How to predict new sales revenue

The step-by-step guide to predicting your SaaS sales

One of the responsibilities I had as the Director of Business Performance at Yotpo was to predict the amount of new business the sales department would generate each month. I got quite good at getting within only a few percentage points of the actual amount without needing to build complex models or machine learning.

In this post I’m going to show you my process and how you can start becoming a Nostradamus in your own organization.