You're just 3 months away from being a data-driven business

The Data-Driven eCommerce Business

Starting at $15,000 USD

We designed this program for mature DTC shopify businesses that want to aggressively transform into data-driven organizations.

This program is aimed at businesses doing at least $5 million a year in revenue.

A 2-phased approach to transform your business

Phase #1: Infrastructure Implementation Phase (2 - 6 weeks)

Set up the infrastructure and connect accounts
Extract data from all relevant sources
Build data models
Develop and launch reports

Phase #2: Business Transformation Phase (6 weeks)

Data strategy & documentation (KPI planning, data dictionary, gap analysis)
Data visualization training
Data storybook development
Custom analyses and report development
Self-service analytics

$15k is a lot of money, how will this investment bring me a return?

*The numbers below are estimates on the value the transformation will provide a shopify business with a team of 10, doing $10 million in sales, in the first 12 months after the transformation is completed.
400 man-hours saved crunching numbers on Excel
Additional revenue generated as a result of insights gained from the reports (1.5% bump in sales)
Money saved as a result of a quicker response to shifts in the business  thanks to the reports & automated alerts
Additional revenue
generated as a result of better decisions made by the team thanks to easier access to data
We estimate that our program will return $200k within the first 12 months, resulting in a 12.3X ROI.

Learn how to leverage your data from experienced business analysts

What will my business look like once you're done?

All those Excel files / Google sheets you fill in manually will be completely automated
All your important KPIs have been mapped, assigned ownership, and made trackable
You can easily monitor the performance of the business & your progress towards your goals
All your important decisions are being made with the help of data
360 degree coverage of all areas of the business in custom built reports
Your team can quickly and effortless answer their own questions using data
You know more about your business than ever before
You're aware of changes in your numbers in a matter of hours instead of days
You've identified a number of ways to grow the business thanks to your data
You're able to save hundreds of man-hours a year
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Frequently Asked Quesions

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Tell me about the infrastructure. What are the costs?

How long will it take to transform my business into a data-driven organization?

I have a large team and want everyone to have access to our reports. Is this possible and how much will it cost?

I own multiple Shopify stores. Does the price of the transformation cover all my brands?

My eCommerce store is not hosted on Shopify. Can you still help us become a data-driven business?

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