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An all-in-one business intelligence service for DTC Shopify businesses

I'm pleased to announce that projectBI has a new and improved service offering.

I'm pleased to announce that starting today projectBI will be offering a brand new service designed specifically for mid-market and enterprise DTC Shopify businesses.

This new service will transform DTC businesses stuck on Excel and operating in the dark, to data-driven organizations leveraging analytics and data for growth.

The service

There are multiple steps involved in becoming a data-driven business. We've built a 3 month roadmap which takes the business from point A-to-Z.

There are two main phases in the roadmap, the infrastructure phase, and the business transformation phase.

During the infrastructure phase we focus on setting up the necessary infrastructure so we can start leveraging the businesses data.

The second phase involves transforming the businesses culture so the team can start taking advantage of the work we did in the 1st phase.

By the time we're done the business will have checked off all the following boxes:

  • All those Excel files / Google sheets you fill in manually will be completely automated.
  • All your important KPIs have been mapped, assigned ownership, and made trackable.
  • You can easily monitor the performance of the business & your progress towards your goals.
  • All your important decisions are being made with the help of data.
  • 360 degree coverage of all areas of the business in custom built reports.
  • Your team can quickly and effortless answer their own questions using data.
  • You know more about your business than ever before.
  • You're aware of changes in your numbers in a matter of hours instead of days.
  • You've identified a number of ways to grow the business thanks to your data.
  • You're able to save hundreds of man-hours a year.

Who is a good fit for this new service?

Businesses which check all of the boxes listed below are ideal candidates for our new service:

  • Direct-to-consumer online businesses using Shopify.
  • The business has generated at least $5 million USD in revenue in the last 12 months and is profitable.
  • The business is either using Glew Plus, or is open to projectBI hosting the necessary analytics infrastructure.
  • The business has a strong desire to become more data-driven and is willing to put resources towards achieving this aim.

If you'd like to learn more about this new service, visit our services page, or contact us via the form below.

Justin Butlion
CEO of projectBI