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projectBI Update: Productized services and a new website

A lot has been happening lately with projectBI and I decided it was about time I published an update post.

A new website

The first big piece of news is that we have a new website.

From the time I decided to stick with projectBI as the brand of my agency, I knew we needed a newly designed website.

I've always used Wordpress as the backend of my websites, but decided to try something different this time. I got inspiration from my friend Adam Kitchen, who recently relaunched his agency website on Webflow, and decided to give it a try.

I quickly learnt that Webflow is easy to use, and after purchasing a great theme, decided to design the site myself.

The biggest benefit of Webflow is its' speed. I love the fact that pages load almost instantaneously.

Having a quick site is table stakes today, and we needed one badly.

Another major benefit of Webflow is that its very easy to make quick improvements to the look and feel of the site.

In short, I'm really happy with the transition to Webflow, and looking forward to reaping the benefits of the platform in the future.

An update on projectBI, the agency

Back in November 2020 I decided to start building an agency. I wrote about this change in this post.

Almost all my attention this year has been on building the agency, and a lot of that time has been spent talking with eCommerce business owners and others operating in this space.

These discussions have helped me understand this space and where business intelligence falls within it.

The attitude towards BI among the decision makers in the eCommerce space is very different to that of the SaaS space.

The good news is that all of the discussions has helped me position projectBI, and our services, in a way which I believe will be attractive to the market.

Productized services designed for growing eCommerce businesses

The way forward for us is to deliver productized services designed to help eCommerce businesses become more data-driven. These services are packaged to appeal to SMBs and mid-market eCommerce businesses ($500k and up in sales).

Currently we have two packages, the Mark I and Mark II. These are delivered to clients as projects and include a combination of business consulting, and data visualization implementation and training.

I'm betting heavily on reporting-as-a-service. The idea is to provide these businesses with world-class centralized reporting in Tableau at a fraction of the cost to implement it themselves.

In addition to the core offerings, we'll also provide professional services which are sold as monthly retainers.

You can learn more about the exact services we provide to clients on our services page.

The reason I'm pushing for a productized service approach is simply to help us scale. My vision for the agency is to be specialized, and not a one-stop-shop.

What's next for projectBI?

The focus now is on promoting these services to the market, and to gather feedback.

Once we've closed a few deals, we'll know that this approach has been validated, and then I can put my foot on the gas.

If the market rejects our offerings then it will be back to the drawing board. This is just how the game is played.

Wish us luck.