You're just 60 days away from being a data-driven business

Infrastructure Phase
1st 30 days
Customization Phase
2nd 30 days
Implement best-in-class data infrastructure
Centralize all data ("Single source of truth")
Complete data modeling
Deliver core dashboards
Complete Tableau training
Complete any requested custom work
Share growth recommendations
Data Dictionary
Data Story Book
Infra & Code Overview Documentation
Flash Report Dashboard
Sales Dashboard
Customers Dashboard
Advertising Dashboard
Email Marketing Dashboard
Traffic Dashboard
Finance Dashboard
Inventory Dashboard
Returns Dashboard
Retention Dashboard
Customer Success Dashboard
Retail Dashboard
Tableau Training
Data Story Book
Growth Recommendations
Any custom work that is required on any of the dashboards delivered during the infrastructure phase
projectBI: $25k
Infrastructure (12 months):
$20k - $30k
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You're running your business in the dark, let us help you turn on the lights

Your business
Data blindness
Excel-based, manual reports
Data exists in multiple silos
Decisions are made without data
Long-lag time for getting insights
Your business
in 60 days from now
Visibility across all areas of your business
Automated reports
Central data warehouse & source of truth
Data-driven decision making
Quickly analyze your data & identify insights
Self-service reporting & analysis
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Your business deserves a modern data stack


Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

“Justin helped us implement robust product and marketing reporting which has guided our development roadmap, and growth strategy. Justin is a wizard with data and always met the challenge when we needed answers to specific questions. His strategic guidance has helped accelerate our growth and engagement with our customers.”

Daniel Shuman
Founder & CEO at Minta

“Before working with Justin and his team, we were doing very little with our data. Justin's guidance and the systems we've put in place with his help have transformed our business immensely. When needing to make critical business decisions, Justin has provided the necessary reports and analyses to effectively come to the right decision. I can highly recommend Justin & the projectBI team.”

Luca Ferretti
Co-founder & CFO at FitBody

“Justin helped us moving from a full manual process to a semi-automated one, allowing our team to have not only a robust reporting process, but also easily accessible historical data of sales, marketing and other key components. He fulfilled our expectations and was professional in every aspect of his work. With the data pipeline we built with his guidance, we are now able to make faster and more reliable decisions, and we are taking the business to the next level.”

Ondrej Hradec
Head of E-Commerce at Mascot Online B.V.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with eCommerce businesses of all sizes?

We have found that eCommerce businesses which have less than $25 million dollars in annual revenue are not a good fit for our program.

How long will it take to transform my business into a data-driven organization?

Our program is designed to transform the business in 60 days.

What happens after the 60-day program?

Most of our clients like us to stick around after the program is complete so they can continue to scale their analytics and data capabilities. We offer ongoing support packages starting at $8,500 a month.

I have a large team and want everyone to have access to our reports. Is this possible and how much will it cost?

That's not a problem. We work with Tableau which is a world-class data visualization platform and very scalable. During the sales process we will work with you to scope exactly who needs access to the reports, and provide you with all the pricing information.

Tell me about the infrastructure. What are the costs?

The cost for the infrastructure we implement for clients is in the range of $20,000 to $30,000 a year, depending on size of the business, number of data sources, data freshness requirements and number of data consumers.

A detailed estimate of the infrastructure costs is shared with you before any contracts are signed.

I own multiple Shopify stores. Does your program support multiple stores?

Yes, our program is designed to support multiple Shopify stores. Certain details would need to be hashed out during the sales process so the program could be modified to fit your needs.

My eCommerce store is not hosted on Shopify. Can you still help us become a data-driven business?

At this time we are working exclusively with Shopify businesses doing > $25 million a year in sales.