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Introduction to Mixpanel: An online course for analysts and product managers

Mixpanel is one of those tools which many online companies start using at some point or another. I've used Mixpanel over the last 6 years to measure user behavior for my own startup, Feedio and it's been great.

A few months ago I decided I wanted to create an introductory course to Mixpanel. I was itching to get stuck into a new online course and decided that this topic would be ideal for my second course.

A few days ago I submitted the course for approval on Udemy and uploaded it to my Teachable account.

Below is a screenshot showing the full curriculum of the course. Unfortunately I wasn't able to embed the curriculum into this post so if you click on the image you'll be taken to the course's landing page where you can preview some of the lessons and enroll in the course.

Below is the first lesson in the course.

The course is 32 minutes long and costs $10. This is a one-time payment and you'll have lifetime access to the course, including to any new content I add to the course in the future.

Enroll In The Course