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Your first 90 days as head of analytics [Downloadable e-book]

I was recently contacted by a fan of this blog who had just been promoted to the role of head of analytics at his startup. This individual reached out to me to get my advice on the best way to approach his situation. We scheduled a call and I was able to give him some tips on how to best position himself for success in his new role.

This was the 3rd or 4th time that someone who had just been promoted as head of analytics or operations reached out to me to get advice. I decided it was time to create a dedicated resource to help people in this position.

Today I'm pleased to launch the first ProjectBI e-book. This 16 page downloadable road map will help you navigate through the first 90 days as the head of analytics.

You see, I was in this exact position a few years ago. I had zero experience as an analytics manager and only a basic understanding of business intelligence infrastructure and processes. None the less I was given the monumental task of helping one of Israel's fastest growing startups become a data-driven organization.

I had an amazing mentor that helped me out, and a ton of support from many people. It was a roller coaster of ups and downs but I got through it.

In this e-book I share the biggest lessons I learnt during this period so you won't make the same mistakes I did.

The e-book is structured as a road map for your first 90 days. It is broken down into 3 main sections, your first 30 days, days 31 - 60 and days 61 - 90.

Each 30 day period has it's own areas of focus and goals you want to achieve. I cover these in depth and provide tips and advice on how to tackle each one.

Below is an image of the table of contents of the e-book.

first 90 days as head of analytics table of contents

Some of the concepts covered in the e-book include:

  • The three approaches to creating your data warehouse (with pros and cons for each).
  • Tips for hiring your first business analyst in 30 days.
  • Why you should focus on monitoring the business in month 3.
  • Why the backing of the management is so critical for success.
  • Why you can't get started without first wrapping your head around the mission.

Length of the e-book: 16 pages (2899 words)

Price: $14

Purchase now for $14